what we do:

We offer business consultancy, strategic thinking and planning, graphic design and art direction plus product design and development.

We have helped to create and market brands for our clients over many years. We take the kernel of an idea for a product and develop it into a brand with a compelling story to deliver sales and long term success.

who we are:

We are more artisan than factory, more boutique than department store, approaching every problem from it’s own individual perspective and crafting solutions that provide a unique and compelling communication of a brand’s proposition.

What we believe:

At Spark of Madness our belief is that creative ideas and good design can solve any business problem. We add value to businesses by combining sound strategic thinking with creative design execution.

Right at the start of everything that is new there is a little spark of madness in the brain. We have learned to hold on to that spark and not let it go.

fabric ranges:

From a designer’s point of view, fabrics are surfaces like any other, so we have taken all our experience in art direction and commissioning photographers and illustrators and created a range of fabrics that bring all these skills together.

Combining this with our business and brand development knowledge we have our own range of fabrics ready to be launched under our own Spark of Madness brand. So watch this space!

contact us:

If you would like to talk to us about a design/branding project or would like more information about our new range of fabrics please call us on: 07776298590 or email info@sparkof.co.uk

Calling all illustrators: We are always on the look out for new talent so why not get in touch